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You can pray for anything, and if you have (enough) faith, you will receive it.
(This might mean the need to increase spiritual consciousness levels until that level of faith is reached)

Judgment Ladder Interactive

Faith can be measured through spiritual consciousness levels, similar to intelligence being measured through IQ tests. So it is fairly easy to determine where a person falls within this spiritual category, for those at high enough levels of understanding.

Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things (end of old age and the start of the new age), when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me (completed their full tribulation, resulting in levels at or exceeding the Book of Life levels of 550+) will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the (consciousness) of Israel” (those left in the lower consciousness (part of the) world – those at consciousness levels below 550 until final separation is completed.)

Matthew 19:28

Book of Life – 550+consciousness levels

“Or do you not know that the Lord’s people (those at or exceeding Book of Life levels) will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases (those actions taken by people still within their fallen state, believing falsely how they are doing God’s work while trying to force others to change to their beliefs by numerous different ways) ?” 1 Corinthians 6:2

This judging will be done through everyday encounters and what occurred during those interactions. Many of those encounters will be during a person’s time of tribulation and how they are being treated through that conversion. Additional judgments afterwards, will be done while living out life, and observing newsworthy events and how people continue to interact with one another, including if they are blindly following unjust corporate policies believing they have no other choice. Many people tend to yield their personal individual power to others, by following, instead of separating from them as Christ dictated (2 Corinthians 6:17). This includes many different job positions within corporations, non profits, religious organizations, etc, since a person by default is following the officers/authorities of those companies directly or indirectly. They are also following those entities policies, regardless of the overall consciousness level of those people leading(?) at the management level within those organizations. Every individual is equal under spiritual laws, it is just whether they decide to own their individual rights by understanding them and using them, or ceding those rights to others instead (including working for companies/entities by having to follow those individuals due to their man made titles and positions of hierarchy). It doesn’t mean that a person won’t bump into some who will still do the right things concerning helping others, it just means that by remaining within that structure, a person can only progress spiritually, to a certain point only. They are choosing to remain with them, for whatever reasons, instead of separating from them.

Faith is shown by those who are willing to give up everything during tribulation, in order to progress to Book of Life levels of consciousness…

It is easy to tell where a person falls in the spiritual consciousness scale, by how they choose to live life under those universal rules and where they place themselves in their experiences. Instead of complaining about workplace jobs, degrees needed, and the like, anyone can increase their spiritual consciousness levels to a point of co creating their life within God’s intentions, if they go through tribulation to figure out the rules needed to do that. A person who increases consciousness to Book of Life levels, also understands how Biblical judging takes place, mainly by their conversion into unity consciousness during that process once completed. Those at lower consciousness levels will not understand the interactions available between multi-dimensional worlds (playing fields), even though they are available to anyone who is sincere in the seeking process. Those lower consciousness levels, also restrict that group from experiencing actual spiritual resurrection given to those reaching Book of Life levels. For those at the lowest levels labeled “outer darkness”, this page will mean nothing to them, and I would be surprised if they even bump into it. This is more for those at purgatory type levels, and just need a little nudge to finish up and make their transformation. A person has to be close enough to make the needed changes to their life, without being too far away from this major reality adjustment. Many of these adjustments are around real demonstrated faith in surrendering to Jesus fully, even though it will cause temporary disruptions to family and friend experiences at the lower consciousness levels. This is only until family members and friends also reach the Book of Life levels, after their tribulation periods complete at different times. This major change (quantum change) can only be understood by experiencing it. It is then, no longer some theory or something that people rationalize that might occur after physical death, it is a reality that is experienced just like any other during regular life. A person would need to remain focused during their tribulation, to see where they are within certain levels, to proceed through them while increasing their spiritual consciousness levels in the process, until they reach at least the minimum Book of Life levels. But hear this very clearly, because of each individual’s right of free will, they will not reach these levels unless they sincerely work towards it by surrendering fully into it. Christ will lead people into it if they follow all the rules. If they don’t, then they are just wasting their time within lower fallen state teachings only. They will not reach Heaven by remaining in that way, and the only way of increasing consciousness into enlightenment levels (Heaven), is by completing tribulation. Those who have reached Book of Life levels are trying to help others, also into the Kingdom, and as the Bible states, “But still you people do not accept our testimony.” John 3:11

It is difficult when called into tribulation, to leave the family in order to follow Jesus. This is necessary for proper surrendering and following for a disciple, while allowing other family members to continue in their present chosen consciousness level.

A person can start telling those others who have progressed through these levels at some point in their journey, just as long as they don’t quit too early. They can also tell those who are teaching who haven’t advanced very far, but are spreading rumors and fear around false prophets, even though they might actually be part of that group. They are doing their best trying to keep people within their lower consciousness nature to maintain and keep those following them and their false rhetoric, while getting people to contribute money that allows them their platform, calling it something popular (Christian) even though they are not really a part of it besides the basic lowest part of the teachings. That is the main reason why Christ came into the world, so that for those following the requirements fully, only need Him and not others, while completing their personal tribulation period only, to make the necessary change out of the fallen state world and into the actual Christ realm (spiritual resurrection). During this process, a person will bump into others making up the Body of Christ who have also transformed themselves while presenting their spiritual gifts to help others, who are sincere in making their change into higher spiritual levels. Unfortunately, Biblical prophecy states that the majority will not reach these higher levels of consciousness. That group won’t even believe that it occurs during physical life, and just like any other experience, if that is your truth, you will receive what you truly believe (either consciously or unconsciously within the playing field your overall intellect and spiritual consciousness levels resonate in). The four horsemen bring challenges to people during their tribulation, to test them as to their actual spiritual levels by how they act around those life problems and what they do. A person will either be at proper resonance levels to continue, or not. This will determine their physical eternity (eternal life). So even though people who are not seeking into Book of Life levels, and are currently being eliminated from any future physical lives within the new earth because of that (last and final judgment), they cannot process the fact that we are already into the new age and world that will soon only allow the higher consciousness group within it. The peaceful new earth. Christ was very clear and direct for those not deciding to complete their tribulation through Him, after their last lifetime opportunity during end times, and will state just as He said He would, “I never knew you”. This is needed in order to actually reach Book of Life levels, even though the false prophets will say everyone is saved regardless of their actual spiritual levels.

Good luck with that.

For resurrection, a person within wedlock, would need to allow the marriage to dissolve when presented during life, in order to allow further spiritual progress to take place during the surrendering process……
Once a person reaches Book of Life levels, eternal life is given, and it will be understood by those receiving it….

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

Done through Tribulation

8“Never shall You wash my feet!” Peter told Him. Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you (show you your personal sins that need to be corrected to advance, by way of your individual experience), you have no part with Me (are not one of my followers, since you are not actually surrendering to what I bring into your life).” John 13:7-8 (must complete a full focused tribulation to reach Book of Life levels by fully surrendering through faith in Jesus)

“To him who overcomes …” this passage is meant for those trying to complete their tribulation period while showing their actual faith in what Jesus is showing them. Those who don’t complete their tribulation, will not overcome. Plain and simple. They will remain within their fallen state and out of the new earth. They may have increased their consciousness levels from before, but still not to Book of Life levels. For many in wealth, they will show what they truly worship, if they are not willing to give it all up (done through regular life if allowed) to follow Jesus through the fire (tribulation). Those who overcome, will then be given what they need once again, when completed. This is faith. During this one on one faith test, once they have separated from others, there will come a time that a person can only get through it by relying on their faith in Jesus, to get them through a major obstacle test to see their actual individual faith. This can be a challenge related to finances, or health, or even something else depending on a person’s fears and beliefs. Those who haven’t separated from others who they might depend on during crisis periods, are not relying on Jesus but on these others instead. This is why they are not worthy of Jesus, if they are not willing to separate from their loved ones for a period of time during tribulation, as scripture states (Matthew 10:37). Expect this major test, when a person gets to the end of their tribulation period. This is what is meant by being close enough to levels to reach these higher realms, since those who are living in too low of consciousness levels, cannot survive at these higher levels through demonstrated faith only. Living in this way is a requirement in order to stay in the New Earth. Many will have mental breakdowns at this point in their journey, and without spiritual tools (meditation, scripture adherence, energy clearing, etc) , will either fall back to live at previous levels, or decide to finish their present life instead, never reaching the required levels needed. They must get to a point of understanding universal rules and reasons for each life. Those passing this full tribulation period, will then be at Book of Life levels, and will never have their name erased from the Book, since they have changed consciousness levels into the unity consciousness state and moving away from the previous duality consciousness levels.

“But I warn you–unless your righteousness (consciousness level) is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees (200 to 400 levels), you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven! (levels of 550 or greater)”

Those still in the fallen world will not even realize that they are being judged by others still in their physical (glorified) bodies, but will continue their lives using the consciousness level they are at, believing that they must do certain things because there is no other way of changing their reality. They are also living in great fear on having to maintain certain positions in life, not really understanding how this reality truly works, and how it can be changed and co-created instead. They can’t be further from the truth on how easy it is to free themselves from those falsehoods. What they physically see doesn’t always correspond to what they are thinking and actual reality, since those in unity consciousness are allowing certain phases of their life to complete, in order to move into additional advanced spiritual stages of life. This might mean stages of humility, and for a time, living life at duality opposites of what they are accustomed to, in order to understand the proper perspective of others. Those not willing to actually live life from another perspective that they have surely judged, is not surrendering into that experience for true understanding. This is part of the process of cleansing and should be expected for anyone following Christ. Those still in their fallen state, will always have the option to increase their consciousness into the higher realms, obtaining the necessary levels that will combine both their body and spirit together, allowing for many other avenues to pursue. A person must seek to find, and surrender completely and follow Christ, for those wanting the Christian experience and all the promises made for that group. This is probably the most important free will decision, a human can make within their physical life. Many people calling themselves Christians, are only experiencing the lower teachings, instead of surrendering completely and being shown into the higher realms, while following the higher teachings of Christ. People who remain unconscious, do not realize how important it is to always keep their wanted outcomes in their thoughts using positive paths as compared to negative ones. This ability to control their thought patterns, is part of the surrendering and clearing process used during tribulation, if a person is paying attention. This also constitutes the major difference between a partial or incomplete tribulation, versus a full completed tribulation period placing a person at Book of Life levels. So as scripture states, they (higher consciousness souls) will with other out of body spirits who also reside in the spiritual higher realms, judge the lower physical world together, as they live their new life that was used to reach Book of Life levels.

Must first reach those higher spiritual levels
of 550 or greater
(current average is 200)

“And I saw the dead (those in their fallen state), great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life (spiritual consciousness levels at or exceeding 550). And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done.” Revelation 20:12

The higher consciousness group (those already raptured through their consciousness) while awaiting permanent separation, will share experiences for the fallen to decide the merit around them. But, they will not force those opinions on that lower consciousness group (including family and friends), and also will not care whether they decide to remain the same or elevate their consciousness levels, since it really is individual choice of life for each to decide. They will continue to love them regardless of their choice, although Christ will perform His separation process, limiting their amount of future contact during this last possible lifetime together, while also allowing for the permanent separation between the two worlds to set up. There has already been many separations of consciousness levels among countries, and those residing within certain countries still living through their karmic obligations. Some countries have a higher than average consciousness level because of the peaceful groups within them allowing for further progress of those groups to continue seeking. Those who have completed their transformation, will reunite again with others, once each person increases their personal levels back into the Book of Life requirements. There will still be many separations from others yet to make it into that resonance, since each person must make their own decision concerning their growth.

Spiritual maturity, or lack of, is demonstrated by people who are more worried about changing others and forcing actions on them, instead of cleansing themselves through their tribulation period. There are many, many people stuck in a cycle where they are trying to dictate other people’s required actions, such as abortion or mandatory laws around social benefits. They don’t understand that they will remain in the lower world until they make some change to their life to change that behavior. Karma might dictate that they would need to go through that opposing experience in order to truly understand it. This might not be possible for men in abortion, unless their kids are brought into that experience in some way that includes them also. These people are not blessed when they have these type of scenarios brought into their lives. An awakening must occur, or this group will remain lost to salvation. And for those preaching about just declaring that you have faith in Jesus, and you’re saved, shame on you. That also will not place a person at Book of Life levels, it only starts the process. A full completed tribulation by faith in following Jesus is what saves you. Those preaching that false narrative, are not saved themselves, while keeping many people out of the Kingdom also (“What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either.” Matthew 23:13) Don’t be fooled into being part of that group. The process on how to get to Heaven levels, is surrendering fully to what Christ brings into your life and making your necessary adjustments to continue on, while increasing your individual spiritual consciousness levels during that cycle. Many people who are not allowing this to happen in their life, will fall short, and will not understand once back into the spiritual world why they were not allowed entry into this higher consciousness realm and world.

All consciousness levels mixed in present world until last and final judgment separation occurs. ***

For those who might still be confused, the lower consciousness world is for those wanting experiences in a duality and materialistic environment. The higher consciousness world is for those who are sincere in increasing their spiritual levels and manifesting experiences by using spiritual means more related in a unity consciousness way (Christ Consciousness). And to obtain those experiences, everyone will believe that by having their individual experience, that they are right. The problem is that some experiences can only manifest within a lower consciousness playing field (3rd and lower 4th dimension consciousness), while others must be performed within higher consciousness realms and energy playing fields (upper 4th and 5th dimensions). The level of surrender that a person submits to during their tribulation, will also determine their level of faith and consciousness levels. Grace is given for those following all the requirements, although some paths of Grace that are meant to show something to an individual, becomes stopped because of their previous beliefs and fears concerning the outcome. Grace meaning that a person just needs to show up and pay attention and go with the flow of life, instead of trying to push their personal ways instead. This is where faith in Christ is either allowed, or dismissed. This is where the fall in consciousness started, people stopped being led by divine guidance, and chose to try to do everything themselves instead. This is allowed in the Christ Consciousness, co creation process, but only after a person has increased their consciousness into the higher realms after being cleansed. The participants within these experiences, will also be determined by their overall consciousness levels and whether they are consciously manifesting their lives or are unconsciously just letting them occur. And just like a person who only knows basic math, compared to a person that knows advanced physics, they both live within the same earth (until permanent separation occurs) making different conclusions because of their personal knowledge and overall makeup between their combined intellectual and spiritual levels.

An example of this, is that someone who decides to live a non religious life, might not believe in miracles, and so in order to receive that experience, they will not see those same miracles that others might be experiencing within the higher energy fields. They might not be consciously aware that they are using both their intellect and spiritual consciousness levels in unison to make those life decisions. So in this case, their levels will be more weighted towards intellect with much less spiritual consciousness level association. The problem then, is that those at higher consciousness levels, can experience all potential outcomes for their wanted experience. But those at lower consciousness levels are limited to only receiving experiences that can manifest in the fallen world. They cannot manifest higher energy experiences, thus believing they don’t happen. Which is true, but only to them and others like them at those same overall consciousness levels. As a person can see, there can be unlimited experiences because of all the different combinations within these categories, for those at high enough spiritual levels. But don’t be confused with titles and compensation experiences, these can be different from those within higher consciousness energy levels. It is not unusual to have those at the highest levels in an organization, to have obtained those levels through intellectual or manipulative actions, while still possessing very low levels of spiritual consciousness. By continuing to follow those individuals, and their entities, a person’s true faith in life is revealed. Once a person gets to a high enough level of consciousness, they will take back their individual power, instead of letting others at lower consciousness levels be rewarded from the talent from those who are “blessed”. They will separate from them, and join others that Jesus has given a “new life” to, so that a collapse can start occurring for those entities that are not meeting God’s plan for the new age. So of course, at some point, those not going through their salvation process, will not understand what is happening, and won’t know how to continue to find a way of enjoying their life. More than likely, that will make this present life their last judgment, to determine their eternal physical residence. The resulting action, will be by dismissing them from continuing on within this new earth, to continue any future remaining physical lives, in the old earth instead. This will be a major difference between living in a fearful, violent world where a person only exists, to living in a peaceful, joyful world with many opportunities of increasing human spiritual levels.

Actual reality is, that we are spiritual beings only having a human experience, so our spiritual levels will always be far greater if pursued for understanding during life. And just like all experiences are different, government vs private sector jobs, banks vs credit union jobs, so are the differences within religious experiences also (Christian vs Buddhism experiences with both having higher and lower instructions for each, depending on how far a person progresses within those different teachings). So pick the one you want, for the right reasons, and be happy with that experience, while enjoying the differences between them, while also letting others receive their wanted experiences also. A person should never get upset over those living life the way they want, and choosing not to seek towards spiritual understanding. But hopefully those people will realize at some point, that unless they search towards higher consciousness living from some form of “seeking”, they will not reach what they believe Heaven is. A person will never accidentally get there, they will remain in purgatory until they either fully surrender, or fall back into lower levels again. Not all events are as random as they might seem, and not everyone will experience the same things, since all of us are at different overall intellectual and spiritual consciousness levels. As we increase our spiritual consciousness levels by passing and moving through required “tests”, we are given “eyes to see”. We are also given one life at a time, that we are supposed to get to our spiritual resurrection by some way before our unconscious life ends. The difference between eternal life, or unconscious repetition.

So as Christ states, “Separate yourselves from them, and I will receive you.”

Someone who is tired of living within the rules within the lower fallen state group, can try to reinvigorate their life by seeing other ways of living their physical life. So there exists many, many different levels within both of these two categories due to whether or not individuals are satisfied with their place within the current world, and how they are willing to change it. There will always be hope that family members and friends, when ready, will finish their full tribulation to reunite again with those loved ones that preceded them into the Book of Life quantum change that resulted in spiritual resurrection, and all the opportunities given for that group.
“My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” John 14:2
This is what is meant around the dialog about meeting family members in heaven, although many are deceived about it occurring after physical life when in reality, it is just different times within physical life (quantum change into higher consciousness Book of Life levels). Every soul, once they lose their physical body will end up in the spiritual realm. Then it will just depend on a soul’s achieved spiritual consciousness level, where they will reside at within this non physical spiritual realm.
“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven (higher consciousness), and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven (your achieved spiritual consciousness level – Book of Life levels for resurrection), and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (staying at fallen state levels).” Matthew 16:19

But getting back to physical life and those still within it, it really is no different, in that some will expand their consciousness levels and move on with others who have done the same thing, living physical life in very different ways than those still living life unconsciously, or at lower levels of consciousness. But this is through the way that they are now manifesting their experiences, even though there will be many common intersections between groups, since both groups more than likely still enjoy parts of nature like beaches and mountains and lakes, during their moments of leisure. And let’s be honest, when those who haven’t reached Book of Life levels are dismissed to live their physical eternity in the old earth world after their final lifetime judgment is given, those remaining in the new earth will be living life much easier with all those who have been cleansed of their lower consciousness fears and tendencies, making it the world that people really want to be in. Many of those fears and problems in the lower world, being homeless and fighting wars, etc, will not even have a thought about them with those who have been cleansed of these realities. They cannot exist and will just be a past memory from a much different world, one that not everyone believed in a higher presence helping them, thus doing many things keeping them in a negative karmic cycle. It is very important to use free will and complete this full tribulation process that places a person into Book of Life levels and spiritual resurrection. The whole story about being kicked out of the Garden of Eden, is meant to show how society dipped down to extreme lower levels of consciousness, and then never decided to raise their consciousness levels back out of it, either because of fear, lack of knowledge, or just plain enjoyment of life at the lowest levels. And for those fortunate enough to have persevered, and they have seen all of the truths as stated in the Bible by “living” through them, they will also realize that many friends and family members will not make it without also going through the process themselves. Those close enough after taking a thousand years off during the millennium, will physically get one last chance afterwards, during the last period that darkness can still barely survive. They will still need to complete their tribulation though, to do that. So whether they do it now or then, it must get done at some point if they want to be in the Christ realm with Jesus. And for those deciding to wait it out, their levels might not be high enough anyway to have that last opportunity, making this present lifetime their last judgment for their physical lives. So why wait, once a person understands this? The Bible also has made it very clear, that once everyone has been told about the Gospel, and they are at close enough levels to understand it, then afterwards, final judgment will take place. So just like all the other truths in the Bible, darkness will be defeated, and those left standing, will be the ones left in the world full of only light, always helping elevate each other, as they choose what spiritual experiences they want to pursue next. Once again, complete your full focused tribulation and get this part out of the way.

…body without the spirit is dead (below Book of Life levels), faith without works (not progressing fully through tribulation period by faith) is dead also (is just meaningless talk while remaining in their fallen state)

This separation process currently taking place, will also allow for the major consciousness differences between the groups to continue without too much disruption, until the Great Tribulation takes place. Most people in higher consciousness, realize at some point during their tribulation, that it is easier to speak to people at their own consciousness levels and not higher consciousness levels, in order to keep those conversations reasonable within common interests. A person will always give the truth to those requesting sincere information about the process, and will try to help in ways that they feel are warranted. Higher consciousness souls are able to tell the level others are at within their spiritual path, even though lower souls won’t have that ability until they continue to progress further. And yes, it can be very humorous when seeing someone trying to state their faith beyond their actual individual levels, for those who can recognize the truth because of their actual experiences (those actually enlightened), while those others (in their fallen state) believe they are getting away with that attempt of deception (which is no different than when a child thinks they are fooling their parents but aren’t even close). Not only are they not getting away with anything, but they also are completely ignorant to the truth of having to pay back any associated karma. They can laugh at this during their life all they want, but on the other side, won’t they be surprised at the immense group laughing at them and especially those at the levels that stopped incarnating on earth years ago, because of their actual higher spiritual status within the actual spiritual world where every soul really lives. Many souls on earth are extremely more immersed in their acting roles, than their more important eternity roles , in this free will world.

At certain levels of consciousness, people must separate from others (those cities and people still in lower consciousness immersed in their dramas)…….until end times concludes

That fallen state group, in order to receive their wanted experiences, will not understand since they are blinded to rational viewpoints that others who have been given “eyes to see”, can understand due to their higher consciousness levels. Just like a non spiritual person cannot understand higher spiritual energies, lower consciousness individuals are blinded to intellectual arguments because they are very limited on how they can receive their experience. And for those at the next level of consciousness, they become defensive as to how this fallen state group is unable to understand what seems extremely logical to those at that higher level. Some extremely enlightened souls, are also at levels that can pull information from very high consciousness realms, and have the ability to help guide others in their path, if people are open for that information. That is one of their spiritual gifts that by helping others, they continue to perfect. People should always look for the spiritual gifts that others possess. Helping others is expected when moving into the higher realms and is a requirement for Book of Life levels. These are some of the differences between the material and spiritual worlds, and also reasons why people must separate once they reach certain levels of overall consciousness (especially Book of Life levels). The difficult part, is finding the right balance to live between both worlds until final separation occurs. A person must find a way to stay grounded during this process, usually by some form of meditation, or life can get away from them. And since all of us go through life experiencing our belief structures, unless those conform to the rules and laws around the desired dimensional playing field, they will not be realized. The surrendering and following process exists to lead us to understand and live within those required parameters, if we allow ourselves to do that by using our free will. Otherwise, a person can only exist within the lower default parameters made up mainly through sense driven understanding only (body), and never reaching the highest levels of human consciousness – Heaven (body and spirit combined). We will then take this achieved consciousness level with us into the spiritual realm upon physical death to continue with others like us.

“and this Gospel will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it (all the different consciousness levels)…
and then the end will come.”
(last and final lifetime judgment – any adjustments must be made prior to this)

“But I warn you–unless your righteousness (consciousness level) is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven! (quantum shift given during physical life – spiritual resurrection 550+)” Matthew 5:20 (This group that never reached Book of Life levels are preaching and blogging within the lower world, trying to interpret Christ’s teachings, although incorrectly. This is keeping many individuals out of the Kingdom because of their lower spiritual consciousness levels that are not being raised, since people don’t believe that they have to do anything except attend a service every so often, while also just being nice to others). That might get them to purgatory type levels, where they remain stuck unless they finally decide to complete their full tribulation. “Since you priests refuse to know me (partial tribulation only, if even that), I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children.” Hosea 4:6 (Their children will remain at fallen state levels and those challenges until they also go through their full tribulation. The blessed children (those of disciples and others who have reached Book of Life levels) usually start off life with an inner knowledge and are already at higher spiritual levels, unless society breaks them out of that gift at some point, while they conform to fallen state life with others they migrate towards (part of their lessons to conquer).) “They want to be teachers of the law (those teaching while in their lower consciousness state), but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.” 1 Timothy 1:7

At end times and last and final lifetime judgment, those that have not reached Book of Life levels (seal of God), will then be permanently  dismissed after their physical life ends, to then live in the old earth (lower consciousness world) for their physical eternity. This includes those who might have started the born again (in spirit) process, but never really progressed all the way through it stopping at just infancy levels only (around 400 to 500 consciousness range). Everyone when starting the born again process,will receive a spiritual gift that is supposed to be nurtured and grown during their tribulation period. This gift will also be major enough to allow a person to make a living within both worlds in some way if continued. It is to allow the start of the separation process since a person must surrender in this way; “Therefore, come out from among unbelievers (those not willing to surrender fully by following Christ through their tribulation), and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you.” 2 Corinthians 6:17. Unfortunately, most never choose to continue pursuing this, so never get the spiritual growth associated with this initial gift. They too will be separated from those that met all the requirements and rules to continue on in the new earth (higher dimension resonance) for their further spiritual progress within a peaceful world, since “no evil will be allowed to enter” into that consciousness level. Evil meaning those not allowing their cleansing into unity consciousness and out of the old earth’s, duality consciousness levels obtained through a full faith driven tribulation. Those who laugh and poke fun of people who are experimenting with spiritual related activities, are clueless to the fact they they exist below those “seeking” levels. These steps are all needed when trying to find the way into higher consciousness.

Those not seeking for understanding, will more than likely not even know what is occurring, and in their next unconscious life, will just continue within lower consciousness not aware that a final judgment was ever made, but left behind regardless for their physical eternity. And for those who are mistaken about someone else dooming them to Hell, they do not understand the Gospel.

Every person chooses their own level of spiritual consciousness that they are willing to obtain during life – from unconscious levels of around 200 and below – outer darkness (Hell), into purgatory levels of 450 to 550 (stuck), and then to enlightenment levels of 600 or greater (Heaven)

(scale of 0-1000)

“If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. ” John 12:47 This is by teaching a person through tribulation, how to raise their spiritual consciousness levels into the higher realms and out of the lower world. Each individual is responsible for their own soul and growth in their life. Those choosing not to go through the process to raise their spiritual consciousness levels, are dooming themselves, while playing the role of victim instead, blaming religions and society for their role and place in life. When Christ said He was here to save the world, that meant by guiding souls by helping them to reunite body and spirit to Book of Life levels. All of the small tangents that people grab independently, do not take a person into salvation until they complete the whole. A person that does not understand this website, has not reached Book of Life levels (since there is only one Spirit, with the many sparks coming off of it, creating all of the different perspectives forming life, but all with the same understanding of truth), and should contemplate on that. So for those not fully surrendering to Christ during their time of tribulation, but only accomplishing a partial tribulation only, of course they will remain in the fallen world because of their lack of full continuation. They might be at the upper variances of that world, but don’t kid yourself, it’s still the fallen world only. And Christ will respond for those who stuck their head in the ground, and continued to ignore all of those placing articles to help people understand this process, upon physical death will state, “But I never knew you!” Those thinking that gifts prayed for during life, that manifested for them, were helped through other spirits instead, and not Christ. He handed that person off to other spirits to help them, once they stopped following in their tribulation that He was showing for corrective actions. These people are confused since they never completed the salvation process that Jesus promised, for those actually following and completely surrendering to Him.

two groups currently mixed together

As Christ stated, this is the way out of the lower consciousness world, by completing a full tribulation by faith which teaches a person how to live within this higher realm. This is what believing in Christ means. Complete surrendering and following through faith. This is also done while presently being mixed together with people who hold many different levels of consciousness (nations), within an earth that also will make a consciousness split due to ascension related activity. Then those who have prepared for this split, will continue on and everyone will migrate towards the world that they can relate to. “They are not of this world (lower consciousness world), just as I am not of that world.” John 17:16 Depending on how far a person has progressed through tribulation, they will either be at the lower or higher teachings of Christ, and the vast differences concerning the surrendering needed while progressing from one to the other. The farther a person moves forward, more faith and higher consciousness increases are obtained that increases a person’s spiritual energy towards Book of Life levels. In a mixed world, this helps in lifetime after lifetime progression. But during end times, last judgment will come into play necessitating the need to make much larger consciousness increases before final judgment locks the ascension door into the higher consciousness realms.

Those at levels below the Book of Life, can only live within the old earth parameters, while those with an ascended consciousness can live within either world through their actual physical experiences after completing their tribulation period of being taught, and then living within all requirements accordingly. A person who hasn’t been cleansed in this way, will not enter and be able to stay in the new earth. Those still in their fallen state and living with the false prophet, must watch for false teachings, or will remain lost in the wilderness. By being lost, it means that during the excitement of all of the different ways to experience Spirit (out of body experiences, telepathy, healing, prophecy, etc, a person can keep choosing quick experiences without ever completing the original route to salvation that Christ started for their completion. Partial only. These are all experiences that a person can pursue, once they are finished raising their consciousness levels to at least the Book of Life levels. Then they have eternity to work on all these other things if they want. Those following prosperity teachings and the like, might be being misled in who and what they are following. This is still just another tangent that moves a person away from completing their move into higher consciousness. Christ made it real clear on the rules for those following into His Kingdom. There is nothing wrong with having the experience that you want, just don’t associate with the experience of being a Christian when you are not following the rules required for that experience. There is a period of suffering that must occur first, before prosperity is given. This is where the large consciousness jumps will occur. Everyone will receive challenges in their life to see what level of spiritual consciousness they have achieved, and where they belong. Faith will be determined during this time. Some will become bitter and angry during this process, while others will increase their consciousness while paying attention to why these life events are occurring. Most will be due to karma adjustments, or perspective corrections that need to be worked through. This is the cleansing process!! Pay attention!! There really is no exception to this and why a peaceful earth will emerge once final separation is completed. This will incur a change from a duality perspective into a unity consciousness view resulting in a person’s spiritual resurrection – being raised from the dead. Others who decided not to complete this focused process, will be told…“but I never knew you!”.

“There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, yet is not washed from its filth.” Proverbs 30:12 This is the group that will be left behind after final separation, to continue any remaining physical lives, within the lower consciousness world (Hell), separated from those in Heaven – the higher consciousness physical world (Book of Life levels of consciousness). Those who obtained the higher consciousness world, will probably decide to continue on while increasing their spiritual levels for many additional lifetimes within that safe and peaceful environment. Because of their spiritual work, they will have that choice. While those who stayed at the lower levels, once the higher consciousness and higher spiritual level souls are no longer mixed within the same physical world anymore, will eventually tire from all of the violence and fear within that lower world, and will decide to stop having the human experience any longer. In a mixed world, the higher energies helped keep a reasonable balance within that world, that will no longer offset those very low energies that are also allowed to exist in a free will world. This will make the overall averages for that world much lower than they were prior to permanent separation. Then that world will be recognized as Hell as it will be for those within it. Those souls that will drop off from any future lives, will unfortunately be limiting their spiritual progress, since a physical body is the vessel used to increase consciousness and further growth. The group that has progressed to Book of Life levels, will be living life in a more spiritual way, although it might not be so obvious to those at lower consciousness levels. Their expectation concerning what a spiritual life is, would be tainted by their personal uncleared lens of life, so they just won’t understand unless they go through the process to experience it on their own. And there we stand in a mixed world awaiting permanent separation of these two groups, until after a last and final lifetime judgment takes place. The sheep and goats.

A person will show their true spiritual faith during their tribulation period that cannot be faked and will show achieved spiritual levels. “All the nations (different consciousness levels) will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”  Accept testimony from those who have completed this full process. They are trying to share their experience, and are now only awaiting final separation while co-creating their new life after tribulation during this interim time period.  Those who have completed this process, and achieved their quantum change, will not argue these facts with others since each must make a personal free will decision of complete surrender and follow, in order to have the large increases in their consciousness to reach Book of Life levels. The truth has been shown to them during their tribulation period. They are working on further spiritual abilities, and no longer need validation from anyone remaining on earth. They will continue life in the way they choose to serve at this point, after completing their full tribulation. They fully well know that there are consequences for their actions after reaching higher consciousness levels, and will act accordingly to continue in their soul growth. There will be many higher consciousness souls entering life again at the end of the age, since during a previous life they obtained higher levels that gave them the opportunity to live through and watch the end time period and being a part of it. Life will become easier to live at these higher consciousness levels, as more lower level souls drop out, and more higher level souls remain, bringing up the overall consciousness levels for those in the new earth.

Complete a full focused tribulation before that door is locked after end times concludes….

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” Luke 8:17 . A person that sincerely wants to live in the peaceful world to continue a physical life while increasing in their spiritual progress, must complete this full focused process to minimum Book of Life levels, or they will not be allowed into this higher consciousness energy to live (in the clouds). They will remain in their unconscious state, in the tombs for their remaining physical lives once separation occurs and the door for spiritual ascension has been locked after their last and final judgment level is assessed.
“Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul (once minimum levels are reached, a person stays at that level whether in physical body or back within the spiritual realm after physical death). Fear only those, who can destroy both soul and body (while keeping a person) in hell (lower consciousness).” Matthew 10:28

This final verse explains it as clearly as it can be stated……. “But none of them (those still in their fallen state consciousness), will understand” Daniel 12:10

So if this major consciousness change hasn’t happened within a person’s physical lifetime, and they want it to occur, then they must make continual conscious changes to their life until it does.

A full focused tribulation resulting in spiritual consciousness levels of 550 or greater

For those serious about understanding His higher teachings, my recommendation would be to ask Archangel Michael for protection during the process, after asking Jesus for the truth while surrendering completely regardless of outcomes related to karma and duality. Always continue to work towards a passionate goal that will manifest after tribulation completion, no matter how hard it will be at times. People need to remember, not to think of tribulation as a bad thing, but as a much needed part of life for eternal well being. It will only last for a small portion of time in comparison to a full life, but will yield unbelievable results that can only be attained through this way.
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the fold of the sheep (full focused tribulation), but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber (and no evil will be allowed to enter into the Christ realm without proper cleansing, so if a person hasn’t entered yet, they must continue to make adjustments for entry).” John 10:1
Most people are stuck concerning the Great Tribulation, which is during the last phase when everyone is struggling to make the conversion before the ascension door is locked. So it will always be better to start this task (personal tribulation) before that final period starts that will create many disruptions around the old earth paradigm during the renewal period that Christ describes, with the many people that have already entered and are no longer playing life within the old earth’s rules while also judging the inequities within that world. Those still in the old earth, trying to keep that world the same, will not understand why old solutions are no longer working, and do not have the consciousness to adjust to new earth rules and the increasing higher energy field leading towards final and permanent separation. There will be much fear at that time with people being dismissed by many different means, since their spiritual levels are not at the resonance to continue on. This could be by way of health problems, financial woes, wars, and just about any fear based challenge associated for this last judgment for them to either pass, or fail by reaching the required Book of Life levels. This will be the actual Armageddon, although much different from what lower consciousness people are expecting. After this ending period concludes, with the drastic reduction in population in unison with the overall increase in the planet’s consciousness levels, equilibrium will occur once more for those in the new earth. The animal kingdom will also be adjusted during this time, with species also being dismissed that are not at resonance levels for their continuation and harmony within the higher consciousness world. Nature tends to find it’s cycle also, that will make it whole with the right balance for it’s preservation.

The higher energy fields are already accessible for a person’s use, but most people do not realize that they are available, nor understand how to utilize those higher energies. Many without understanding the repercussions concerning karma, are unconsciously using that energy field in negative ways, that they will have to pay back at some point in time. Since the cleansing process does take years for fruition, it also will always be better to get it out of the way before a person either tires of life, or is too late in life to complete it. A person can get stuck within an experience cycle being shown to them, that continues to repeat itself in similar ways. Unless it is recognized and then progressed through, a person will run out of time, stopping at that consciousness level. Many will choose to continue well past the minimum Book of Life levels, to insure that they will remain in Heaven after this lifetime ends. Those that they have been separated from, will not understand, until they too reach those higher consciousness levels. Create your Heaven on earth as it was always meant to be, after combining your spirit and body back together, into God’s original intention for those living a physical life on earth. Remember also, it will always be better to do the judging as Christ has said for those who overcome, instead of being one of the souls being judged instead. And for those who believe themselves to be part of the powerful on earth, this verse was meant for them….” they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools….” Romans 1:22. Expect to find all of the promises that the Bible assures, for those following all the rules and requirements given during the cleansing period of tribulation, and deciding to reside within the higher consciousness realms, leaving all those others behind after final separation is completed.

“The earth will crack and shatter and split open.” Isaiah 24:19 

“When the master of the house has locked the door (new earth – Heaven), it will be too late (to enter).”
Last Lifetime Judgment
Luke 13:25

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”
Hosea 4:6

A person must seek to find, by surrendering and following.
(A full focused tribulation)

“Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead. (increase from lower into higher consciousness during physical life)”

(Philippians 3:10–11)

“For merely listening to the law doesn’t make us right with God. It is obeying the law that makes us right in his sight.” Romans 2:13

Witnessing to All Nations
“…But the one who perseveres to the end (completed full focused tribulation) will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations (different consciousness levels), and then the end will come (final and last lifetime judgment).” Matthew 24:14

” You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.” Luke 12:40

“I tell you for certain we know what we are talking about because we have seen it ourselves. But none of you (those still in their fallen state) will accept what we say. (Once corrective action is taken during life to achieve the resonance needed to gain entry and then remain in the New Earth, there should be no surprises once physical death occurs. Only those choosing not to cleanse themselves through a full tribulation, will die without knowledge and the understanding of eternal life)” John 3:11